Helpful Hints

DATE OF FUNCTION: It is very important to choose a
date which does not clash with other activities that may
affect your guests. Long weekends, public holidays and
large sporting events cause most people to plan other activities.

INVITATIONS: If your invitations says 7.00pm for
example, you will find 80% of your guests will arrive
between 7.15pm and 7.45pm. Should you have a planned
format and want them there at 7.00pm, put 6.30pm on the
invitation. To get value for money when you go to the
expense of providing a meal, include that information on the
invitation as a few people may eat prior to arrival.

R.S.V.P.: These days most people do not respond to
R.S.V.P. as they feel as good friends that you know they will
be there.

THE VENUE: (Private Home) Have you informed your
nearby neighbours? Did you consider the car parking?
Have you put away your fragile items that could be
accidentally bumped? Is access to key areas, bar, toilets, etc
restricted? Is the power supply to the disco, coffee urn,
lighting and heating etc spread out over several circuits?

(Park or Riverbank): Have you received permission, if
applicable, to use the area? Are power and shelter available?
Is access to the area convenient for guests and caterers?

(Hall): Did you check the availability for your date and pay
a deposit to secure that date? Most councils either operate
local halls or supply a list of halls and hallkeepers’ phone
numbers with details of capacity and available services.

(Other): Any queries may be directed to our free advisory
service as the range of venues we have catered at would
require volumes.

THE CATERER: Some people worry about the volume of
food supplied and tend to over order some services. A good
caterer will advise you correctly and help keep your costs to
a minimum.

Legitimate caterers operate from Health Department
Registered premises as required by law in Western
Australia. Some caterers falsely claim they use a friend’s
butcher shop. For your own PEACE OF MIND, DEMAND
ARE BEING PREPARED. The health of your guests is more
important than a few dollars saving a backyarder might

THE MENU: We are happy to provide the Main course
only and assist with extras such as Entrees and Desserts you
might supply, or provide the full services for all courses to
suit your requirements.
Our experience indicates at private parties with liquor
available such as 21st’s, company socials and functions with
a carving of meat at 8.00pm, only 60% of people require
dessert. At a function of 100 people you could save up to
$100.00.Dinner dances and club socials where people purchase
tickets require the full amount of all courses as most guests
want value for money, in these times.

PARTY HIRE: Excellent party hire companies carry all the
items you could need to make your function a success, from
maquees in all sizes, tables, chairs, lighting, disco and
dance floors and a full range of excellent tableware is available

LIQUOR: We highly recommended High Wycombe Tavern –
Speak only to Mr Peter Chiani, we would be happy to pick up and chill beverages on your behalf.

I Hope this information assists your planning and any
queries may be directed to Colin Hewitt or one of our
competent staff on 9470 3553 until 11.00pm any evening.

Our modern communication facilities with three lines, fax –
9470 2393, laser printers, mobile phones and computer
systems use today’s technology to provide the ultimate in
good old-fashioned service for you the customer.